What Inspections are Required before SSAW Steel Pipes Delivery?

The following tests are should do before SSAW steel pipe leaves the factory:

1. Appearance inspection

Appearance inspection is a simple and widely used inspection method. It is an important content of finished product inspection. The main purpose is to find defects on the surface of the welded seam, dimensional deviations and raw material joints.Usually it can be found by eyes and with the help of tools such as template, gauge and magnifying glass. If there are defects on the surface of the weld seam, there may be inside the pipes. The joint should not be more than 1100mm from the pipe end.

2. Physical inspection 

Physical inspection methods are methods that use physical phenomena to measure or inspect. For inspection of internal defects of raw materials or workpieces, SSAW steel pipes are subjected to hydraulic testing after forming, and then take non-destructive testing. Non-destructive testing includes ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, penetrating testing, and magnetic testing.

Based on the above, according to SSAW steel pipe quality inspection results, the SSAW steel pipe is divided into three types: qualified products, repaired products and processed products. Qualified products is SSAW steel pipes whose appearance and internal quality meet the standards or technical requirements for delivery. Repaired products is the appearance and internal quality do not meet the standards and acceptance criteria, but are allowed to be repaired and can meet the standards and acceptance conditions after repaired. SSAW steel pipes that failed to meet the qualified products after repaired. Scraps refer to SSAW steel pipes that are not qualified in appearance and internal quality and are not allowed to be repaired or fail to meet the standards.

Above are the requires before SSAW steel pipe leave factory. Changsha Xiangjia Metal Materical Co., Ltd. is the leading manufacture in China, has been insisting on product quality as the center and inheriting quality for 18 years. If you need SSAW, we are your good choice.