Introduction of Plastic Coated Pipes

Plastic-coated pipes also called plastic-coated steel pipes, which are based on steel pipes and use PE for hot dipping or EP as anti-corrosion material. A steel-plastic composite steel pipe with a PE anticorrosive layer or EP anticorrosive layer welded on the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe (bottom pipe) by spraying, rolling, dipping, and sucking. Plastic coated steel pipe has excellent corrosion resistance. And it also has good electrical insulation and won't cause electrical corrosion. Low water absorption, high mechanical strength, low friction coefficient. It can also effectively prevent damage to plant roots and soil environmental stress.

Advantages of plastic-coated pipe

1. Adapt to buried and humid environments, and can bear high and very low temperatures.

2. Strong anti-interference ability. If plastic coated steel pipe is used as a cable sleeve, it can shield external signal interference.

3. Good pressure strength, the maximum pressure can be 6Mpa.

4. Good insulation performance, as the protective tube of the wire will never leak.

5. No burr, smooth pipe wall, good for wires or cables protective pipe during construction.

Application of plastic coated pipe

1. Various circulating water systems, anti-corrosion life can be 50 years.

2. Fire water supply system.

3. Water supply and drainage for each building.

4. Various chemical fluid transportation (resistance to acid, alkali and salt corrosion).

5. Underground pipes and crossing pipes for wires and cables.

6. Ventilation pipes, water supply and drainage pipes for mines and mines.

7. Urban sewage pipelines.